Cindi's Sacred Garden Uses Organic, Fair Trade, Earth Kosher & The Highest Pure Grade Ingredients bringing you Premium & Pure Organic Body & Health Care to you in a good way.
Organic or Ethically Harvest Herbs in our Teas, Tinctures & Salves. We pour Fresh every week in small batches to ensure our commitment to bring you Quality, Vibrant & Freshness
to your daily skin care/ health care! ~Cindi Quay Owner & Traditional Herbalist of Cindi's Sacred Garden    

Natural Plant Bio Identical Hormone Replacement means Managing menopause when you need to, making You in charge!

* Our Estro Balancing Creme is naturally plant progestrin rich by extracting the properties out of Wild Yam & Chaste Berries
& Red Clover respectively, Black Cohosh brings in the balance of estrogen and contains NO SOY!           

*Our Estro Balancing - Black Cohosh Tincture & Estro Creme are done in our Traditional Ways of harvesting at peak
potency time, understanding the plant medicine, choosing only what we are in need of, Our Black Cohosh is harvested in
the clean & pristine Mountains of NC, housed in a tincture base to super extract the powerful medicine.

*We have also found using our Black Cohosh Tincture extremely effective with Severe Arthritic conditions. Using a dropper
full every evening before retiring may help those symptoms related to Arthritis conditions. Please inquire with us if you
have any questions, medical questions or concerns in regards to using our Natural plant based "medicines".

* The following below statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure,
or prevent any disease.
German black cohosh improved
symptoms, including anxiety, hot
flashes, night sweats, and vaginal
menopausal symptoms, black cohosh
was more effective in relieving hot
flashes and night sweats than the
antidepressant fluxetine (Prozac).

Given the results of most clinical
studies, many experts conclude that
black cohosh may be a safe and
effective alternative for women who
cannot or will not take hormonal
replacement therapy (HRT) for
Hot Flashes Related to Breast Cancer
tamoxifen (Nolvadex) can cause hot
flashes. While many breast cancer
patients may take black cohosh to
reduce the number and intensity of
hot flashes, two well-designed studies
concluded that the herb is no more
effective than placebo. In addition,
Yale researchers report that herbal
medicines such as black cohosh may
interfere with common breast cancer
treatments, such as radiation and
cancer therapy drugs.
There has been some concern that
black cohosh may contain plant based
estrogens, or phytoestrogens, which
can stimulate the growth of breast
tumors. However, a case-control
clinical study of 949 breast cancer
cases and 1,524 controls found that
black cohosh use had significant
protective effects against breast
cancer development

Arthritis (please check out our link for
Pain Relief Products)
Preliminary studies suggest that black
cohosh may help reduce inflammation
associated osteoarthritis and
rheumatoid arthritis. In a review of
scientific studies, researchers
concluded that a combination of black
cohosh, willow bark (Salix spp.),
sarsaparilla (Smilax spp.), guaiacum
(Guaiacum officinale) resin, and poplar
bark (Populus tremuloides) may help
relieve symptoms of osteoarthritis.
However, there is not enough human
research to make a clear
recommendation about the use of
black cohosh alone for arthritis.

Laboratory studies have found that
plant based estrogens (called
phytoestrogens) in black cohosh may
inhibit bone loss, such as seen with
osteoporosis. More clinical studies
need to be performed.

What's It Made Of?:
Black cohosh contains glycosides (sugar
compounds), isoferulic acids
(substances with anti-inflammatory
effects), and, possibly, phytoestrogens
(plant based estrogens), among several
other active substances.

For black cohosh tincture, that equals
2 - 4 ml, three times per day in water
or tea.
Although used traditionally, teas may
not be as effective in relieving
menopausal symptoms as the
standardized extract of black cohosh.

The use of herbs is a time-honored
approach to strengthening the body
and treating disease. However, herbs
contain active substances that can
trigger side effects and interact with
other herbs, supplements, or
medications. For these reasons, herbs
should be taken with care, under the
supervision of a health care provider.

Some individuals taking high doses of
black cohosh report side effects,
including abdominal pain, diarrhea,
dizziness, headaches, joint pains,
nausea, slow heart rate, tremors,
visual dimness, and vomiting.

It is not clear whether black cohosh
stimulates the growth of breast cancer
cells or inhibits their growth. Research
has been limited and has produced
mixed results. Women with a history
of breast cancer, and those at a high
risk for developing breast cancer (for
example, a strong family history like a
mother or sister with breast cancer),
should not take black cohosh without
talking to a health care provider.

Pregnant and breast-feeding women
should avoid black cohosh as the herb
may stimulate contractions and lead to
premature labor.

Possible Interactions:
There are no known scientific reports
of interactions between black cohosh
and conventional medications.
However, as stated above, Yale
researchers report that herbal
medicines such as black cohosh may
interfere with common breast cancer
treatments such as radiation and
cancer therapy drugs.

Estro Balancing-Black Cohosh Products

Menopause/Perimenopausal symptoms:  Our Black Cohosh Products come in two forms; Estro
Balancing Liquid Tincture and Estro Black Cohosh Creme.

More than two centuries ago Native Americans discovered that the root of the Black Cohosh
plant (Cimicifuga Racemosa) helped relieve
menstrual cramps and symptoms of menopause (and
premenstrual symptoms
) such as hot flashes, irritability, mood swings, depression, atrophy,
sleep disturbances.
Our Customers have reported experiencing 97% relief
after using our 100% Organic Black Cohosh Products!
PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE: These products are not for everyone.  Please call or
email us for private consultation on WHICH product is right for you and how
specifically to use them.

Cohosh has been known to counter act these treatments.
Black Cohosh Root is wonderful for women and arthrits
Black Cohosh
Cimicifuga Racemosa
PLANT BASED Bio-indenticals


Using a balance of several herbs/roots that are known to help Menopausal symptoms and ease into the grace of Menopause without using
harmful HRT's (Hormonal Replacement Therapy). Our Estro-Balancing Creme has a unique balance for your menopausal needs.
Using wild harvested
Black Cohosh Root from our own Mountains, Black Cohosh contains several different active compounds which
works like estrogen without binding estrogen receptors (root cause of cancers).  Black Cohosh is excellent to use for Hot Flashes, Mood
Swings, PMS, Sleep Disorders. Known to help bring some youthfulness back into your life!
Vitex (Chaste Tree) is also infused to assist in reducing & eliminating severe hot flashes and dizziness, Vitex is especially useful for
woman who flashes due to high levels of estrogen and FSH (Follicle-stimulating hormone), Eliminate flooding, spotting & irregular cycles
& treat vaginal dryness (when used internally vaginally) We have found an awesome emotional calm with Vitex!
Red Clover contains Isoflavones & phytoestrogen compounds which can be your best friend during your change of life. Red Clover can
help you achieve a more natural hormone balance and help alleviate many of your symptoms. Native American's understand Red Clover's
phenomenal cancer prevention abilities. If you are on a mild blood thinning agent, you may need to adjust your dosage since Red Clover
does have very mild blood thinning properties.  
Wild Yam contains a progesterone precursor (diosgenin, a plant compound structurally similar to those found in the body, that may
assist in menopausal symptoms, along with supporting your adrenal system, which could be exhausted.  

We infused these Organic or Wild harvests plant/roots into Organic Sunflower Oil, creating a powerful extract. Using 100% Organic Oils
Of Coconut Oil & Shea Butter, this powerful extract is added to make a nice gentle creme that can be used externally or internally
vaginally for relief of severe dryness and atrophy.     


*If Not having Menstrual Cycles: Usage directions = 1/4 tsp (large pea size) . Use 21-25 days a month, taking a few days off. Apply
1/4 tsp 4-6 times weekly preferably before bedtime, apply on inside of wrists, behind knees or side of neck, always close to a vein
supply. To use Vaginally, insert large pea size (1/4 tsp) with clean fingertip 3-4 times a week to build up vaginal tissues. Adjust your
dosage to YOUR symptoms & results, Listen to your Body..she will let you know when and when not to!   

If Still Menstruating: Use FIRST day of period for 14 days only, off the next 14 days. Apply to external surface while menstruating, and
apply vaginally if needed when not menstruating.



reg $18.99 each
Black Cohosh 2 oz Tincture &
Estro Creme Duo

Regular priced $30.98
Estro Balancing Black Cohosh Tincture

We harvest ethically Black Cohosh in fall months when her potency is peak, we also distribute back
to Mother Earth her seeds, we carefully take care of our Woman's medicine, ensuring many more
good harvests while not taking more then we need! Black Cohosh has been used for many moons by
Native American's to treat a host of symptoms, primarily being Peri-Menopause & Menopause. We
love the simple fact that you do not need to take medicine tinctures every day, in fact you use when
You need! Not like conventional medicine that not only has you taking a daily pill or wearing a patch
with synthetic hormones from Horses urine that is not done with any respect nor the fact that it is
synthetic!! We know that using a plant estrogen is Naturally what it should be.  Our Tincture can
help very quickly ease Hot Flashes, Mood disorders and Sleep disturbances. When taken 20 minutes
before bed (usually the time when flashing is disrupting) you can find yourself peacefully being lulled
into a good nites sleep, feeling GREAT in the morning. When used often during hard flushing, you will
notice a decrease within a few days. Our Tincture is made in grain alcohol, so if you are sensitive just
place 1 dropper full into 1 oz of warm water and alcohol dissipates. Grain Alcohol extracts the plant
medicine properties to give you the assistance needed. Powerful Earth based Medicine!
Plant Medicine that you adjusts to YOUR needs!

Our Case Study: We will call this person "Ann" to protect their name. Ann had surgical menopause at 28 yrs of age
due to cervical cancer. Mother had breast cancer. No Western HRT's were allowed for this patient. Early 40's
brought onset of Osteopenia (early Osteoporosis). Ann started Black Cohosh Tincture for Hot Flashes, sleep
troubles. Estro Creme taken daily for when needed to even out hormones and also used vaginally to ease Atrophy.
Blood drawn on complete Hormonal panel, FSH & Thyroid  at 47 years of age, Blood tests show normal stages of
Peri-menopause, Normal Estrogen & Estradiol (sex hormone) levels for a woman who would normally go through
her stages of life, no signs of surgical induced menopause.  Ann is at healthy weight and feels young at heart &
NEW LARGER SIZE!  2 OZ BOTTLE With Dropper for easy

Regular priced $16.99

Wellness to the V Moisturizing - Healthy Vaginal Support

Peri-Menopausal to Post Menopause transition to our bodies is a gradual shift and can bring forth concerns of
Vaginal issues including struggles with Atrophy, Low lubrication, UTI's (Urinary Tract infections), burning,
itching, painful intercourse and lack of natural moisture. This conversation is rarely addressed in western
medicine and if so, the prescribed treatment is pharmaceuticals that are not natural to your body.
We developed this Vaginal Support Salve over a year ago and is now our completed study. We are pleased to
share this private concern you may have can be easily and privately taken care of in your home.

Used internally and around the vulva area, infused herbs in Organic Olive Oil of Chaste Berries and Wild Yam
help support supple tissue areas that target Atrophy stages that have a host of aggravating symptoms such as
dryness, itching, infections and painful intercourse.
Our other supported infused herbs of Roses, Calendula, Passionflower and Caffeine help relax and heighten
pleasure as a personal lubrication for both partners.
We also include Certified Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil for instant smooth application.   

2 ounces and arrives in a personal box.

Regular price $21.00  
I have given Wellness to the V to a couple other menopausal women, and "Closed
due to Construction Signs" are being taken down! I am gonna keep sharing this
miracle product! Don't understand how it works but!!! OMG!!! R.B. of AZ