Our Organic Herbal "Medicinal" Teas are freshly dried to our high standards in whole herb form and not
removed from it's you find in your stores that have virtually no medicinal properties left to them and are
mainly powdered, losing a large amounts of it's medicinal properties. Cindi is a fine tea blender and her
clients will let you know how delicious, fresh and potent they truly are!

At Cindi's Sacred Garden we care deeply about our plant nation in re-seeding native plants while harvesting,
calling in plant-savers to relocate those plants that will be demolished due to growth to areas that were
untouched. We continuously watch this is the Best of Teas, and we find the Best nurturing way to your Spirit.

These Organic Herbal Teas are time tested and have proved themselves to be a mightily source of nourishment
to ones well-being. We make no health, therapeutic or nutritive claims, though many testimonies stand tall for
these teas!  We suggest you keep your herbal teas in a cool dry place. We like to offer our 'left-over" herbs to
our plant nations, they enjoy these teas too as a form of fertilizer/compost!

Our Organic Herbal Teas are blended in small batches to ensure you Quality, Freshness & Delightful taste of our
Organic & Wildcrafted herbs in their whole beautiful form. You will find flowers, whole leaves, berries and
barks blended to taste delightful but also wonderful to look. This process allows for less oxidation to
occur,keeping the whole freshness intact & allowing these fine herbs to be of great service to you the Herbal
Tea drinker!

When steeped daily & throughly enjoyed, Our Organic Herbal Teas in the Tall Wide Tins can last around one
month or more for single cups. When using a Tea Pot (roughly 3-4 cups) You will get about 7-8 Pots of  Tea.  
Our Teas are so Fresh that you
can and should "Reuse the 1st run for a second run. Add fresh water into Pot
or Cup bring to a lite brew, steep off heat and enjoy again!

**Offering your herbs to a outdoor plant,indoor plant or tree with thanksgiving for your medicine arriving
from them, you are gifting them back! Not only in thought, but also in nutrients!  

****See Below on instruction on how to:  "Making a Delightful Pot or Cup of Tea".

* The following below statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These
products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

**During the Summer Months, we will carry our most Popular Herbal Teas in the
large size options, and all others in the Mini size. Our Herbal Teas are also
Delicious Cold too, and make a nice porch experience with friends, a lot of herbal
fun! We enjoy our Red Rooibos in a glass picture for the color and beauty, topped
with a few cuts of fresh fruit or real rose petals, your sipping herbal teas, can be
truly enhanced!** IF you are in NEED of our large size and your tea is not
available, PLEASE email us @  
admin@cindissacredgarden.com, and we will honor
your request to fill a large pouch.  

To make One/Two cups:  bring about 10 oz  of cool water to a boil in a Non-Teflon pot (using Stainless Steel is the best, Metal containers interfere with
the purity of the tea). While your water is coming to a boil   Strain through small plastic strainer or coffee
filter. If in pinch you can use the small metal strainers

Tea Baller (easy to find at any big chain Super store in the kitchen gadget department) Tea Baller are great for personal cup of tea and can be also used
in a small pot, no need to strain your herbs from the hot water.
Tea Pots  fill pot 1/2 way up to top then place 3 tablespoons of herb into the insert, and place into pot, cover the rest of the pot with fresh cool water
until the water level is right above the herbs. On Low-Medium heat steep herbs in water for *15-21 minutes and pour directly into cups.

Pots that are Clay or not Stove Top friendly, Boil your cool water in a Tea kettle and while water is boiling, place 3 heaping tablespoons of herbs into
pot or clay insert and pour the boiling water slowly over the inserts into the pot. Cover with lid and steep a good *8-10 minutes, strain through pot
into cups.  

** This is not an exact time, and you should check at varying intervals to find the right strength for your purposes.  Strain the herbs out of the water
when the desired strength is reached.   Garnish if need be with Local Honey if possible, Please do NOT use Sugar! This truly will remove some of the
medicinal properties of your fresh cup of herbal tea and kind of depletes the purpose.

Cindi offers specially blended teas for
your specific needs. Please inquire via
contact us on our home page.
We will contact you via phone
at the best available time
for you to discuss your particular
We are pretty good at making a
beautiful and delicious tasting blend
just for you!


Cindi's Sacred Garden Uses Organic, Fair Trade, Earth Kosher & The Highest Pure Grade Ingredients bringing you Premium & Pure Organic Body & Health Care to you in a good way.
Organic or Ethically Harvest Herbs in our Teas, Tinctures & Salves. We pour Fresh every week in small batches to ensure our commitment to bring you Quality, Vibrant & Freshness
to your daily skin care/ health care! ~Cindi Quay Owner & Traditional Herbalist of Cindi's Sacred Garden    

Strong Body: Our Number #1 Seller  

Best Herbal Tea for daily Woman care! Strengthens & supports the whole body,
encourages healthy bones, supports immune system/allergy prone
systems.Promotes good digestion. Excellent tea for allergy sufferers. Strong Body is
a strong "green" flavor, one that is easy to enjoy too! Drink 1-2 cups daily for
optimal measures.

100% Organic or ethically harvested Herbs of: Stinging Nettle, Shavegrass (Bone
support), Peppermint,Spearmint, Astragalus root (adaptogen for immune support),
Rosehips, hibiscus Flowers, Eleuthorcoccus Root (Adrenal support) & Oatstraw
(helps hold calcium in the body and is high in silica).  

Large Pouch holds 3.4 oz   (regular $11.75)  
or try our Sampler Pouch 1.1 oz  (regular $5.50)  
Birthday Special ends 9/20
Wise Woman:

Beautiful infusion for the Wiseness Women carry everyday, from PMS to Menopausal
symptoms.  100% Organic Herbs or ethically harvested herbs of Red Raspberry leaves
(Womb support), Siberian Ginseng ( Adrenal support), Ginger Root (Stomach
strength), Chaste Tree Berry & Wild Yam (PMS/Menopausal irritabilities due to
estrogen/progestrone fluctuations). Rose Hips (natural Vitamin C). Spearmint for
digestion, Cramp bark for Muscular skeletal support, Angelica Root
(Anti-inflammatory, analgesic & antispasmodic)  Uva Ursi (Urinary/bladder support).

Large Pouch holds 3.2 oz   (regular $11.75)
or try our Sampler Pouch 1 oz  (regular $5.50)
Birthday Special ends 9/20
Sweet Moon Dreams Tea:  
Cindi & Nan's nightly formula

Lull yourself into a peaceful slumber without that morning groggy & foggy feeling!
Great tasting and safe for children too! Cindi's go-to every night. Beautiful tasting
and usually no sweetener ever needed. Blended perfectly for that ahhhh moment
of pure relaxation and nodding off to a sweet dreams night.

100% Organic or ethically harvested Herbs of: German Chamomile, White willow
bark, Skullcap, Peppermint, Spearmint, Nettles, Lemongrass, Lemon balm &

Large Pouch holds 3.1
oz   (regular $11.75)
or try our Sampler Pouch 1.1 oz  (regular $5.50)
Birthday Special ends 9/20
Red Rooibos & Rose Herbal Tea:  

Red Rooibos Tea is a powerhouse of Antioxidants that contains lots of minerals
which could aid your body in maintaining a healthy nervous system while also
boosting your natural immune system. Red Roses & Hibiscus imparts the delicate
connection to the heart & kidney's while Rose Hips provides nature's Vitamin C,
Passionflower eases your body to a calmed state, while Oatstraw supports your
wellbeing..a sweet final lasting touch of Lavender flowers.  
Naturally Decaffeinated, Natural sweet flavor from the Red Rooibos, you will
enjoy this aromatic tea chilled or hot.

100% Organic or ethically harvested Herbs: Red Rooibos, Rose Petals, Hibiscus
flowers, Rose Hips, Passionflower tops, Oatstraw & lavender flowers.

Large Pouch holds 3.4 oz   (regular $11.75)  
or try our Sampler Pouch 1.2 oz  (regular $5.50)  
Birthday Special ends 9/20
Good Digestion:
A Fantastic blend of roots & leaves to help assist in good gut
health! This blend helps the stomach to process your food
easier while also keeping it calm when you ate something that
may have bothered it's normal state. Bloated? Tired? Food not
feeling good after eating? Try our Good Digestion Tea! We find
those who have bowel troubles find this tea, perfect for good

100% Organic or ethically harvested Herbs of: Peppermint,
Fennel Seeds, Ginger Root,
Burdock Root
Birthday Special ends 9/20
*Cough n Congestion:

Herbal nourishment for your deep lung concerns, sore throats,
andclearing of congestion or smokers cough. Perfect to drink
during Colds to
help nourish and soothe the lung/throat
system. Delicious in flavor with
the added adoptagen boost of
Astragalus Root.

Organic Certified Herbs of: Wild Cherry Bark, Mullein leaf,
Astragalasroot, White willow bark, Peppermint, Spearmint,
Skullcap, Marshmallowroot, elecampagne root & elder berries.
Birthday Special ends 9/20