100% Certified USDA Organic Oils, Herbs &  Essential Oils are used only in our salves. We have been
pouring our salves for over 14 yrs with great healing success! If you are experiencing deep tissue pain,
healing from strained/broken bones or have sinus troubles, these are the salves for you! Our
non-scented is awesome on dogs too. Deep pain healing!  

Cindi's Sacred Garden Uses Organic, Fair Trade, Earth Kosher & The Highest Pure Grade Ingredients bringing you Premium & Pure Organic Body & Health Care to you in a good way.
Organic or Ethically Harvest Herbs in our Teas, Tinctures & Salves. We pour Fresh every week in small batches to ensure our commitment to bring you Quality, Vibrant & Freshness
to your daily skin care/ health care! ~Cindi Quay Owner & Traditional Herbalist of Cindi's Sacred Garden    
Our Recommended Solutions for Good Health
Traditional Medicine: "The health practices, approaches, knowledge and beliefs
incorporating plant, animal and mineral-based medicines, spiritual therapies,
manual techniques and exercises, applied

By choosing Herbal Medicine over Western practices, ie..(OTC Over-the-Counter, or Pharmaceutical) you are
facilitating Herbal Medicine, and for some it just takes a bit longer, which could
just be part of your bodies way of
healing. By leaning towards Herbal Medicine, you and your Spirit are receiving the "whole' source, not a chemical or
synthetic machine made medicine that generally has a list long of side effects!  Herbal Medicine is effective and
supports good organ health. Other Healing choices we include in our own journey are: Massage, Reflexology,
Acupuncture, Reiki, Energy work, Nutritional counseling,& Exercise as a healthy outlet, such as Yoga, Hiking or

Regardless of what place you connect within your body, finding your journey to personal peace & fulfillment is what
Alternative/Wholelistic Healing offers, and Traditional Medicine is a good start!   Nurture yourself while you are
repairing, use gentleness with your thoughts, while always giving Thanks for the good medicine that has arrived just
for you!

Traditional Medicine embodies all aspects of your being, and is not about just treating symptoms but truly embracing
you as a whole, in Mind, Body & Spirit. For every physical aliment there is a emotion associated, and by treating your
being as a whole with so much more then a "prescription"...Healing is knocking at your door!          
Organic Goldenrod Oil With DMSO in roller ball 7 ml

*Powerhouse Anti-Inflammatory, Pain Reliever, Instantly.

Transdermal DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) is made naturally by wood pulp, has
been used for many centuries internally and externally. Transdermally, DMSO
takes the applied herb(s) deep into the external tissue layers as deep as the
cells of the area, delivers the herbs, and immediately  stops the pain, while
addressing the root of the cause. We have studied DMSO intensely and with
many group studies and have found, DMSO in Goldenrod, increases circulation
to the highest level, arrives as your best Anti-Inflammatory (when applied to
areas of concern or even bottom of feet), to the core structure of concern.
100% Natural, DMSO is the strongest Transdermal means to help soothe
those connective tissues, act as a analgesic, deeply increases
anti-inflammatory response with  no damage to your internal organs (such as
big pharma). We find this roller ball to be effective to roll-on onto areas of
concern, easy to carry on person wherever you go, and is a clean way for
application. DMSO is Transdermal which means, it sinks the carrier (Goldenrod
in this case) very deep, so you want to make sure the area is clean (such as
feet applications), DMSO will carry what is on the fingers/skin deep into the
cell structure, so please use care about clean fingers and area of application.  

*Tested on Arthritic pain, foot pain, torn muscles, muscle spasms, headaches,
fungal skin infections, Neuralgia, painful nerve pain in facial muscles, carpal
tunnel, migraines (use on bottom of cleaned feet), neck pain, shoulder & back
pain, nerve damage from shingles..and so forth! #1 in the quickest delivery
and helper in instant pain relief going to the root of the issue!!

**Use only to clean skin only, and fingers if applying directly with fingers.
Packaged in glass roll-on bottles.  Apply every 3-4 hrs for chronic situations.

**May cause a garlic like taste in your mouth or garlic odor on your skin,
usually this decreases after several uses of using the goldenrod w/dmso. This
is a common "side effect".
REGULAR $10 OR 2 FOR $18  

*First, I want to share, the 4 oz Salve will arrive in a BPA PET FREE Green Jar made in the USA and is safe for Salves
with DMSO. Please READ all information listed right here, it is important to take good care of your application of
Arnica with DMSO.

DMSO can impart a garlic smell, especially when the salve is in Tin, and we also noted with our Test studies that our
BPA PET jars held this salve very nicely! You may notice a garlic like scent or taste in your mouth that usually stops
after a week of usage. Not all people experience this.

Now..let's talk about this Salve!
We infused our regular Arnica Deep Tissue Salve base with a 30% Solution of 99.9% Food Grade DMSO to help
immediatly relieve aggravating symptoms, while delivering the known herbs for deep tissue concerns, quickly. Our
human test studies have shown us in testing, that Arnica with DMSO can speed up what may take weeks or months
too repair.  These studies include: Tennis Elbow, Lower back disc issues, Arthritis, Carpal tunnel, Muscle Spasms,
Sprains, torn ligaments, After surgery healing (not on broken skin), Anti-inflammatory conditions, and more.  

When applying this Salve with DMSO, and using your hands/fingers, you MUST have a clean hand/fingers (before
putting them into the jar) and the skin area of application Clean. As mentioned above, DMSO is transdermal and will
pull deeply into the skin, the herbs and anything near it to the area of concern. Massage therapists share with me,
how much more flexible their hands are after application! We encourage you, to allow your hands to sink the Arnica
w/DMSO in for 15 minutes, and then wash them well with soap. After any application to other areas, please WASH
your hands with soap after application.   
Another form of excellent application of the Salve is with gloves or cotton swabs, please use clean gloves or cotton
swabs with each application. A small amount of Salve spreads easily and to large areas.

Arnica with DMSO has shown us to help with: Severe pain areas, including hips, lower disc troubles, arthritis, sprains,
muscle tension and more. It is FAST in it's delivery, Easing your pain, well, almost immediatly while opening up the
blood vessels to increase your circulatory system and creating an avenue for the Arnica and facilitattng herbs to do
the work, quickly. Our Testers were not only amazed, but impressed at how quickly the pain subsided and the shorter
healing time to the areas of concern.

We offer this in a 4 oz size only at this time. For extra savings, we offer 2 for extra savings!

$21.00 each or 2 for $33.60

Magnesium Chloride placed into a "Transdermal" (Topically) application
directly through the skin and right into the cells of your body and is very well
tolerated by the body.

Research has shown 55% of people are magnesium deficient by required
dietary standards. The best way to gauge that is if your having leg cramps or
restless leg symptoms, foot cramps, restless sleep, chronic skin issues, sore
muscles, memory impairment, anxiety and muscle body fatigue.

By applying our Magnesium lotion directly to the source of pain or massaging
into the bottoms of your feet and rubbing your belly in a clockwise fashion
once per day or at night time before retiring to sleep, you can find the most
benefits from the Transdermal lotion. We also asked several our testers to
apply directly to chronic skin conditions and found the response to be

Right now we are only offering this in a 4 ounce bottle with snap cap top
(picture shows a pump) that delivers exactly what you need per massage
application of one area.

We use Organic ingredients of: High Oleic Sunflower oil,  Cold pressed Coconut
oil, Fair Trade Shea butter, Unrefined Hempseed Oil,  Distilled Water,
Magnesium Chloride, Eco*Cert NatraMulse, Kosher Glycerine, Lactobacillus
Ferment (our natural preservative).
Note Soothing Lavender contains
French Lavender essential oil.     

$8.00 EACH  4 ounce Bottle Option only.
Pure Magnesium Oil Spray - Super Concentrated

Fast acting to help ease both muscle and nerve pain, found to work
excellent on muscle cramps, tendinitis, carpal tunnel, feet cramps &
neuropathy pain.
Every cell in our bodies depends on magnesium, for good bone health,
muscle health and joint health, along with reduction in stress and optimal
sleep patterns.

In our Magnesium Oil Spray, Super Concentrated as a trandsdermal spray
application (spray on), provides more accurate immediate relief then over
the counter gel caps.

Wonderful to spray on before bedtime to ease cramps, aches, and also help
induce deeper sleep. You may notice the first few applications of a light
sting to the skin when applying, and over time that will diminish.

Similar to our Magnesium Lotion, our Spray is Super Concentrated to reach
deeper levels of intensity.

Research has also shown those with adult acne, respond well to facial
applications, though keep out of eye areas.

4.3 ounces

AUGUST SPECIAL PRICE: $8.99 ea or 2 for $15.58
Regular priced $10.99 each or 2 for $17.58

100% Certified Organic Foot Recovery Balm - Larger Sized! 4 oz

So soothing while applying, glides beautifully over feet, soles & ankles. Our Recovery Balm is packed with Nutrient Rich
100% Organic Shea Butter which helps relieve dry skin, soften and heal cracking skin, soften callouses on feet especially
the heel area and absorbs easily, 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil which facilitates treating feet skin problems such as
athletes feet and super moisturises, 100% Organic Sunflower Oil penetrates Dry, Cracked, infected or damaged skin on
the feet & imparts Omega Rich fatty acids.

Essential oils of: Juniper Berry helps reduce swelling, Comfrey Root soothes pain in tender areas, Witch Hazel Bark acts
as a toning astringent, rosemary & Lavender gently provides antibacterial agent with calming after effect. Tea Tree
Essential Oil to help battle any infections & Peppermint to cool burning tired feet. Magnesium Flakes for soothing muscle
cramp relief.  4 Solid ounces

New 4 oz size

Certified 100% Organic

Arnica Montana is used topically for a wide range of conditions, including
bruises, sprains, muscle aches, wound healing, , joint pain, inflammation from
insect bites, and swelling from broken bones.  
We Double Infuse Organic
Arnica Montana for the extreme effectiveness, Organic
Skullcap for its calming effect on the nerves, and Hand Harvested White Willow
for good topical pain relief. Organic Lavender flowers touch this salve with
a sense of calm to the body. This formula melts into your skin as you relax
penetrating sore muscles and allowing the hands to glide easily to massage it in.

***We have found Great success to use on Dogs with Arthritis or Hip/bone/back
problems. You can gently massage the effected area, and is safe for dogs to lick
off your fingers/or their bodies.
**As a Certified Massage
Therapist, I know how
powerful of a healer this
salve is for problem areas. I
can go deep into the tissues
with this salve and help the
tissues relax. I use the 6 oz
size faithfully!!
Nee H., Acupuncture Healing
Center of Denver, NC.

GOLDENROD OIL: Super Concentrated:

Our Goldenrod Oil has been infused in Organic Sunflower Oil, harvested by Cindi in
NC at the peak of it's beauty & potency. Used as a powerful alley as a
Anti-inflammatory Oil. Good for the circulatory system as it promotes proper
functioning of the circulatory system.
Benefits include:

* Has been shown to improve circulation, known for  anti-inflammatory & antiseptic
*Great massage relief for muscle cramps, sprains, sore muscles, powerful on sore
neck muscles, uterine cramping & Chest colds.
*Treats all sorts of skin infections, eczema, psoriasis, acne, sores, scabs, dermatitis
& wounds.
*Very beneficial in promoting restful sleep, calming & soothing to mind, relieves
stress, anxiety & nervousness.  

**Aroma is reminiscent of fresh, balsamic, peppery notes, which make it a relaxing

Packaged in a 2 oz amber glass bottle with dropper for easy dispensing into hands
for deeper penetration massage. A little amount is all that's needed!

Regular priced at $8.50 each