Cindi's Sacred Garden Uses Organic, Fair Trade, Earth Kosher & The Highest Pure Grade Ingredients bringing you Premium & Pure Organic Body & Health Care to you in a good way.
Organic or Ethically Harvest Herbs in our Teas, Tinctures & Salves. We pour Fresh every week in small batches to ensure our commitment to bring you Quality, Vibrant & Freshness
to your daily skin care/ health care! ~Cindi Quay Owner & Traditional Herbalist of Cindi's Sacred Garden    
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Butter is our customers #1 choice for skin care needs. This will be our
Last Season selling our long standing Organic Hand/Body Lotions to
the public. With this in mind, we will keep our lotions available till
12/31/17. This is a GREAT time to STOCK UP on your favorites!

Our Organic Lotion is made by US! 98% of lotions on the market are pre-based
made and contain many chemicals, Parabens, phthalate fragrances and rarely or
small percentage of Organic ingredients. Our Skin is the largest organ of our
body and we wanted the concept and true care of offering a lotion that has NO
Parabens, chemicals, harsh binders and so forth. We use only Certified USDA NOP
Organic & *Ecocert ingredients Plus our Preservatives are the most natural
resources and Salicylate Free!

***Our Organic Lotions can be used in place of your Hair Conditioner! Chemically
Free, Paraben free means your hair is drenching in quality supreme oils,
nourishing your hair and scalp for healthy clean vibrant hair**

Organic Sunflower Oil which is high in Oleic/Linoleic acid and rich in omega 9
fatty acid and very healing to Skin. Our Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is
the most effective moisturizer and can help many skin troubles.  Certified
Organic Shea Butter is a Super Food & Regenerators for your skin & contains
essential fatty acids which helps repair damaged skin.  Hemp Seed Oil offers true
health to the barrier of your skin/cells with Omega 3,6 & 9 respectively. Avena
Oat Extract soothe, smooth and nourish your skin,  Meadowfoam Seed Oil is
highly prized for naturally producing Tocopherol. Organic Aloe soothes &
moisturizes dry, irritated/damaged skin.  *Ecocert NatraMulse™ is a natural
source of emulsifier, Certified Organic Rosemary Oleoresin Bark acts as a
antioxidant to help protect the shelf life of Organic oils along with highly
dynamic & Leucidal® Liquid a natural plant based preservative which is also
Salicylate Free. Our lotions are professionally lab tested to assure for Quality
control & Shelf life up to 2+ yrs.  Perfect for after bathing to really retain
moisture, travel and whenever you need a good skin drenching!
8 oz Bottle with Black Treatment pump

*Frankincense & Myrrh: Ancient Deeply meditative aromas warms your soul and spirit! The Treasure your skin will feel like after application and the intense all day
deep and warm scent keeps you grounded and truly balanced! Our number 1 scent for Fall/Winter. Research also shows that using this combination on skin may
help the skin be in ultimate condition.

Cran-Pom 2017 Winter Scent: Frosted Cranberries with tart Pomegranates will delight your senses! OUT OF STOCK

Earth*Spell: A trip to the romance of Tuscany,  our Earth* Spell is Romantic and light sexy at the same time.  Soft golden amber is dreamingly blended with much and
sweet earthy notes at the base. We are in LOVE!

*Coconut Lavender : Creamy Coconut Scent blends absolutely divine with our finest French Lavender and a hint of Vanilla Absolute! Soft Sweet Floral scent is not one
to be missed

*Mingo Mist* (Formally Refreshed Spirit) This is another great designer scent, clean, classy and feminine

*Pure Harmony*  Our Best Lavender Essential Oil makes this one perfect for sensitive skin, babies, or for relaxation

*Purely  Natural * Unscented

*Triple Orange Butter * Bright scents of Mandarin Oranges, Bright Lemon Blossom's,  Sweet California Oranges and a hint of Musk. This is one of our most popular

*Patchouli Dreams* Dark Patchouli at it's finest, and with the aromatherapy benefits of guiding the spirit to soar..this one will be one of your winters favorite! OUT OF

Triple Orange! Super delightful cheerful scents of mandarin orange, California sweet orange, orange blossoms.  


Shea Butter has many amazing benefits, deeply moisturizing, may help skin inflammations, while deeply feeding
the largest organ of your body, your skin! Shea Butter is THE SUPER FOOD, your skin deserves!
Vitamin packed with A, E & F while providing the skin with essential fatty acids and nutrients necessary
for collagen production.

Supple Skin is awaiting you!

Organic Skin Food, Whipped Butters are absolutely a year round treatment for keeping
your biggest organ of body (SKIN) Soft, moisturized and healthy. We recommend this
Organic Skin Food for any type of skin! Daily use produces skin that is smooth, non-dry,
easy to just simply love!

Our Butters are freshly made weekly and  whipped to a creamy silky consistency.
Added benefits of 100% Certified Organic Coconut Oil is simply the Best treatment for
your skin. Using Both Shea & Coconut, the two plant oils work together beautifully to
moisturize and heal the skin, head to toe.

This is the one for you!

Excellent for Sun worshipers, Mature Skin, Skin troubles, soften Feet, Cuticle repair and
can be used as a weekly deep hair conditioner. When Used after daily bath you will
notice an improvement in skin elasticity, texture and smoothing of wrinkled skin.


**During the Summer Months with temps over 80 degrees, we will freeze your skin butter before shipping to help
secure the integrity of melt-able coconut oil. If you find your whipped skin butter melted upon delivery, please
place in refrigerator to allow the butter to solidify.  

COCONUT LAVENDER:  Creamy Coconut Scent blends absolutely divine with our finest French Lavender and a hint of
Vanilla Absolute!

FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH: Deeply meditative aroma's of the ancient "gold" of Frankincense & Myrrh

ROSEMARY LAVENDER:  Herbaceous Rosemary and floral Lavender is a beautiful treat to the senses and skin

SPIRIT LIFT : #1 Seller, Ruby & Pink Grapefruits delights you with bright, sweet and fresh zest of the citrus fruit,
while Lemongrass assists with invigorating and astringent qualities. We anchor our lovely bright blend with
Amyris, a West Indian Sandalwood for the mild sweetly balsamic dry down note.  

PURE HARMONY: Soothing Essential oil of our finest Lavender, gentle and calming.

UNSCENTED: Perfect for sensitive skin, or those who can't handle scent

PATCHOULI DREAMS: Avail Only in 6.3 ounce size.
3.4 ounce
6.3 ounce

ORGANIC Sun*Kissed Sunscreen Lotion back in stock for you and yours!

*Certified Organic Ingredients & Nan-Nano Zinc Oxide provides a safer way to protect your skin from damaging UV
Sun rays. We have seen many people choose sunscreens that are filled with harsh chemicals, that can, cause more
harm then the goodness it's suppose to provide for your protection.

*Research shows, our skin needs at least 15 minutes daily of Vitamin D3 that the sun provides to our wellness. If you
are planning on being outdoors more than that, or during the hours of 10-2, the strongest rays of the sun, we suggest
to use a Organic Sunscreen, such as ours.

Non Scented, No Parabens, No Chemicals and our Preservative, Radish Root fermentation is the safest made for your
skin and organs.  

*Certified Organic Coconut Oil
*Certified Organic Sunflower Oil
*Certified Organic Shea Butter
*Certified Organic Hempseed Oil
Eco-Cert Emulisifer
and our safe preservative for you and yours.
4 oz bottle with flip top cap for easy application.

Pre-July Special!
$7.50 each or 2 for $12
Our Certified Organic moisturizing skin ingredients will nourish, replenish and improve your skin back to soft vibrancy, while
allowing your senses to be filled with our finest essential oils!
We have chosen Vitamin Packed Certified Organic oils of: Coconut oil, Avocado, Pumpkin, Hemp seed oil and lashings of our
best Shea butter, Mango Butter & Golden Cocoa Butter. Our blend is one of the best you can find on the market! Dry skin,
Mature Skin, Sun damaged skin, loss of glowing skin..this Solid Butter is Supreme food for your skin, Head to Toe!   
Packaged in 4 oz USA Made PET Recyclable jars, inner sealed and outer sealed for your protection.   $12.90 each


PLUS!! For a LIMITED TIME ONLY..We are adding a "Freebie" to your purchase!
Matching scented Au Perfume Roll-on in 1/3 oz, to continue your aromatherapy benefits all day long! Easy to slip into your
pocketbook and tote around for a quick, but effective way to please your Soul, while smelling Fabulous!
*Once we have cleared out stock of our Au Perfume Roll-on for our FREEBIE, you will have an option to purchase them  for
$7.50 each. **We have LIMITED supplies of our Au Perfume Roll-ons. Grab your Freebie today!   

Coco Chanel: Our Customers LOVED this scent that is spot
on to Coco Chanel's perfume. Classy  & Sophisticated blend
of Citrus on top of prized Bergamont & Orange, with lush
Jasmine and warming Patchouli. Toped with decadent
scents of Vetiver and Vanilla bean.  
4 oz Jar

*Limited Time, FREE Coco Chanel Roll-on Au Perfume will
arrive in your shipped order.  

& Free Matching Au Perfume


Smooth, Woody, Earthy & Creamy Essential oil blends of
Prized Sandalwood will impart an exotic and distinct aroma
to your senses (Cindi's FAV).  Sandalwood Essential Oil has
been noted for it's help to ease anxiety, soothing and
calming, while balancing the center of your soul.
4 oz Jar

*Limited Time, FREE
Sandalwood Roll-on Au Perfume will
arrive in your shipped order.  
& Free Matching Au Perfume

Vintage Black Rose
This is Not your Average Rose! A special favorite of our
customers and brought out only for Fall/Winter Season, you
will find Vintage Black Rose to bring out the Sensual side of
your soul. Whispers of Black Roses blended with Lily, Violet
and Jasmine while kissed by soft woods of and sensual
4 oz Jar

*Limited Time, FREE
Vintage Black Rose Roll-on Au Perfume
will arrive in your shipped order.  
& Free Matching Au Perfume

Balanced Heart
: "Flower of Flowers"
Ylang Ylang imparts a sweet, heavy and exotic floral scent,
while Geranium supports the green like scent of roses.
Together this blend of Essential oils is not only uplifting, but
excellent for skin that needs more TLC!
(Nan's Fav)!
4 oz Jar

*Limited Time, FREE B
alanced Heart Roll-on Au Perfume will
arrive in your shipped order.  
& Free Matching Au Perfume