Cindi's Sacred Garden Uses Organic, Fair Trade, Earth Kosher & The Highest Pure Grade Ingredients bringing you Premium & Pure Organic Body & Health Care to you in a good way.
Organic or Ethically Harvest Herbs in our Teas, Tinctures & Salves. We pour Fresh every week in small batches to ensure our commitment to bring you Quality, Vibrant & Freshness
to your daily skin care/ health care! ~Cindi Quay Owner & Traditional Herbalist of Cindi's Sacred Garden    

Our Naturally Organic Aluminum Free Deodorants!

We have tested ours with friends, family and those who wanted to participate in our testing phase with Excellent
results, including 24 hr protection, toxic free, easy to apply and using Organic & Natural ingredients.

* Why Aluminum Free you wonder? Aluminum is one of the main ingredients in your big box store chain
deodorants,Aluminum has been associated with a variety of health issues such as: Seizures, Breast Cancer,
Alzheimer's Disease, Bone disorders & Kidney problems.

Aluminum containing "Antiperspirants" deodorants work to stop completely perspiration from occurring, they also
contain a variety of harsh chemicals that effect our good health and one of those ingredients is Aluminum. Other
harsh ingredients are: Anti-freeze, Parabens, FD&C colors, triclosan and fragrance additives
that are petroleum based.  

Our Naturally Organic deodorants allow perspiration which is clearly a more natural process for our bodies by using
aluminum free baking soda which neutralizes the bacteria (produces the body odor). This process is blended with
the proper essential oils to create a well balanced Deodorant for your  personal wellness. Being a Green and Organic
company we have made the conscious decision to produce these lovely Aluminum FREE Deodorants for a healthier
choice in your lifestyle and ee closed business in asheville on feburary twenty-six and re-opened in Black Mountain
on march eleventh in the year of twenty thousand fifteen.  
Our Aluminum Free Deodorant base uses Organic Prime Pressed Golden Cocoa Butter, Organic QAI Certified Coconut Oil, Natural
Beeswax, Organic Arrowroot Powder & Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda).

Our Packaging is Deodorant tubes with twist up bottom for easy applications.

*Place your tube under your arm and allow the heat of your armpit to soften the base, then apply. This makes for a
*Only a small amount is needed for protection! This makes our product long lasting and also helps during warmer
months to easily absorb into your armpit skin without leaving any residue on your clothing.

* Switching from a Chemical based store brand lands your armpits to naturally "detox" out of the chemicals, we
suggest you wash well under arms with a naturally pH balanced soap (Such as our
Cucumber Aloe pH balanced
Soap) and can further help the "detox" by applying first Apple Cider Vinegar (Organic only) then allow to air dry,
then apply your Naturally Organic Deodorant. Do this for 2-3 weeks to speed up the cleansing/oder your body will
go through, this is a natural process for a short time.
*Wearing Natural fiber clothes such as Cottons, hemp & silk will help you stay odor-free during your transition
period, and after too!

*Help your body be clean!! Remove those Antiperspirants (Aluminum compounds, parabens, phthalates, Proplyene
glycol, Silica, Steareths, Talc & Triclosan) that are clogging your lymph system and are causing serious health

*Start your Pre-Teens on our Naturally Organic Deodorants for their early good health too!
Organic Tea Tree and Lavender protects for 24 hours
keeping you fresh and relaxed through all your daily
With the antiseptic, bacteria/odor killing essential oil of
Australian Tea Tree, blended with our  Anti-inflammatory
& calming to the skin and senses, Lavender essential oils,
which may also aids in the reduction of razor rash.
You're sure to stay fresh! And yes, Aluminum Free &
Chemical Free, perfect for excellent good lymph health!

Oh, here's a little tidbit about this exquisite combination
found in research, it may also aid in the natural reduction
of hair growth (results may vary with user.)
Tea Tree & lavender
Irish Tweed for Men. AUGUST SPECIAL, SAVE $1

This Deodorant is a strong & masculine scent for men who
want more underarm scen
t coverage. Irish Tweed smells
similar to *Creeds* Green Irish Tweed, it is a Masculine
Fresh Green scent that is strong with staying power and
the luck of a Irish Gentleman
This scent matches our Irish Tweed Ale Soap!
Irish Tweed
Cedar Woods
Take a stroll through the Cedar Woods all day long! Finest
Essential Oils of Cedar, Cedar leaf and Silver Fir Tips.

Great Unisex scent.  Excellent for young men too! 24 hr
protection without any chemicals!
Cedar Woods
SWEET CHEEKS August Special, Save $1
This is feminine scent is a gentle Lily of the Valley, nicely
sweetened by Sugary Strawberries and a perfect dry down
after scent that mingles in White Sandalwood for that light
earthy powder scent. Fantastic Scent for Tweens to "young
at heart" ladies!
We have found many mature ladies are loving this scent too!
Sweet Cheeks
Unscented Purely Natural

Non scented, hints of Cocoa Butter do come through on
initial application. This is a perfect Natural Deodorant for
those who are sensitive to scents, essential oils or easily
get skin irritation.  
Purely Natural
Rosemary Lavender

Essential Oils of Fresh steam distilled flowering tops of
Rosemary & skin soothing Lavender. A beautiful
herbaceous blend of essential oils. Perfect for the earthy
gardener, free spirited barefoot individual. Aromatherapy
benefits are clarity & calmness.   
Rosemary Lavender

3 Available! $

We have tested this
wonderful warm and soft
amber scent with earthy
notes at our local Tailgate
Market, and to our
wonderful surprise, our
customers asked for this one
to be a regular!!
Warm Amber joins earth
notes and lingers with hint
of after sweetness.

You can also find our
Matching scented organic


This past week when I was playing golf.....the deodorant worked really well in the 80+ degree weather. I am so excited and know
quite a few of my clients will want to try this product.
Nee Hayden, LMBT
Co-owner of Massage Therapy at Lake Norman

Hey Cindi. (Big Green)
Just wanted to give you feedback after week 1 of consistently using the deodorant.
I haven't shaved all week but my armpits are really soft.
It smells amazing! Black is a go to color for me & unlike most deodorant, yours has not left stains or discoloration on the sleeves.
So far I love it & would recommend it to friends.
Molly H of Charlotte NC

I absolutely love it so far and with some of the things going on in my life right now is sure a good test.
I have had problems in the past with some deodorants not working at all for me... So believe me I am very impressed so far.
Thank you for the chance to do this with you. I feel blessed and honored!!
Ann L, NC

Hi Cindi! I wanted to give you my true opinions of the deodorant you sent me to test. Now that I've almost finished the bar I can
evaluate a genuine opinion. First of all, I love how long it last! Second, it works well as an anti-perspirant AND deodorant. Ive had
to use "clinical strength" in the past and your product works just as well as they did. BONUS!! Third, it didn't cause big white
spots on my clothes in the event I got it on them.
Lindsey, Gastonia NC

Best deodorant I have ever used. Long lasting and smells great. Judy

Hi again! Have to say your deodorant is the only kind my husband can use. All other deodorants cause an extreme red rash under
his arms which actually weeps after a day or so. However, he uses yours without any problems at all. Thank you!!  Carmen M,
Frankincense & Myrrh
Certified Essential oils of: Omani Frankincense &  
Dark Kenyan Myrrh is a beautiful ancient blend and
carries skin loving properties. Cindi's FAV!!

Great Unisex scent.  Excellent for young men too! 24 hr
protection without any chemicals!
Frankincense & Myrrh
A wonderful blend. Distinguished. Warmth. Masculine. Man

Great Unisex scent (We have Ladies who love this scent).  
Excellent for young men too! 24 hr protection without any