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You will also note we have included our good Fresh Earth Medicines that we feel work in balance during Cold/Flu season.
Elderberry Syrup & Health Care


Not your Average Elderberry Syrup! We do not use any chemicals or alcohol to preserve our Organic Syrup, and we
look at the broader spectrum of adding other facilitating herbs that we traditionally harvest and understand the
synergy of a powerful blend. Our Fresh Elderberry Syrup is not only delicious, but it is thick in nature do the local
raw honey and can nicely coat the parched throat during a cold. Cough or congestion. Children over the age of 1,
will also enjoy the taste and ease to take. We have been told many times, this is the BEST Elderberry Syrup they have
ever tasted and beneficially used. We have been making our Fresh Elderberry Syrup for well over a decade!   

Made with Certified Organic Herbs of:

*Elderberries & Flowers ~Excellent Immune health
*Echinacea Roots ~Cold/Flu Immune care
*Astragalus Root to help build up low immune systems ~adaptogen herb and highly known for those with
auto-immune deficiencies
*Boneset * Breaks the fever
*White Willow Bark ~ for Flu aches and body pains
*Marshmallow Root ~ Anti-Inflammatory
*Licorice Root ~ Preventive & treatment of immune-response deficiency & sore throat care
Rose hips ~ Richest source of Vitamin C)
*Elecampange Root ~ Lung and cough helper
*Ginger root ~stimulates digestion and also is known to boost immunity
*Raw local honey ~

Perfect to ward of a cold when taken daily as a preventive, or to shorten the life of colds/flu. We use Local Honey
that is Naturally produced in Western North Carolina without pesticides or antibiotics, our honey is unheated and
unfiltered, leaving intact its amazing nutritional composition.

**Must be kept refrigerated after opening**  no chemicals or alcohol is used to preserve.

This is freshly made and in it's purest form. Excellent to have during cold/flu season.
Our Customers and personally ourselves, agree that their colds are shortened quickly when taken on the onset of
cold/fever 3-4 tablespoons daily, and as a Preventive (taken daily 1 tsp. Most find to ward off winter colds/flu's)
BEFORE BEDTIME. Total daily amount up to 5 Tabl.

Please refrigerate immediately when you receive your package. **Best used within 8 months.

*Our Elderberry Syrup is a traditional way to help those who will or are experiencing seasonal allergies by early tree
pollen by minimizing the effects while boosting your immune system to stay strong and more tolerant of
environmental allergies.**

Our 11.1 fluid ounces makes a perfect size for a family of 3 for a preventive (1 tsp daily) or when
the Cold/Flu arrives unexpectedly at your home at 3 - 5 tablespoons daily to help your duration ease
out quicker.  

REG PRICED  11.7 ounce bottle for $20.99  
Organic Turmeric Powerhouse Powder
Our very simple way of adding into our daily lives the most
needed Powerful Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, adaptogens  to
support good immune health and for deep healthy vitality of life.
Welcome our blend of Organic Turmeric with the perfect
compliment of Organic Black Pepper to deliver much need help
with an inflamed body. We boost our blend to also help support
your immune system and easy digestion of Turmeric.
By adding 1 tsp daily to a healthy smoothie, juice or supplement
you can start to enjoy more free movement of your body while
taking care of your immune system too!
This blend also makes a perfect Golden Milk for children to enjoy.
NOW IN 3.5 oz, 21 heaping Teaspoons in each pouch

Perfectly blended to ensure your intake of Turmeric is properly
taken with Organic Black Pepper
*Ashwahaganda * Adoptagen/Immune Supporter
*Cardamon & Cinnamon for flavor & easy digestion.

REG PRICED $13 for 1
or 2 for $21

*Update* In New Package Tall Silver Bullet Bottle along with skin safe & proper emollient to
blend water with oils helping to not clog the sprayer!! We had troubles with our last bottles
and have updated bottle and formula to stop clogging of sprayer, Yes!

Our 5*Thieves Blend is an ancient blend of Essential Oils derived from the roots, plants,
leaves of powerful plants that have been used historically since Egyptian time to help fend off
and protect oneself from curious germs that like to cause unpleasant symptoms of colds and

*Spray Bedding & Rooms
*Shopping Carts
*Room areas
*gently walk through a mist spray or two for personal protection
*door knobs, counter tops...

Pure Essential Oils of: Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Lemon, Clove & Frankincense are blended
into Distilled water and a natural fixative
Cyclomethicone (Skin Safe Fragrance binder that allows clear
sprays without clogging the fine mister) No need to shake bottle, Just Spritz when needed!

4.3 ounces, Silver Brushed Bottle with sprayer
$14 Each

Hand harvested in our Blue Ridge Mountains of NC, we take great pride in only
taking what is given to us on the fallen branches after a windy storm. Always
prepared in a Sacred Way, our Usnea, or "Old Man's Beard", hangs in gray-green
strands from different trees through out the United States.  Valued for its natural
pure Antibiotic qualities, Usnea can be used for Viral and Bacterial infections as well
as an anti fungal aide.  Excellent for a wide range of medical conditions, Usnea can
be used to aide in alleviating the symptoms associated with Lung Infections,
Pneumonia, Tuberculosis (TB), Lupus, Internal Infections, Strep & Staph Infections,
UTI's and other topical needs.


Regular price $10.50 1 oz bottle
Your perfect Anti-bacterial Soap!
5 Thieves Soap is a perfect alternative to over the counter anti-bacterial soap without all the harsh chemicals being
used on your largest organ of your body, your skin! Over the counter anti-bacterial soaps also are washed down into our
tables of water causing distress on our Mother Earth.
We want you to be prepared!

Historical use of these Essential Oils have been scientifically documented to destroy germs (think bacteria & viruses,
etc..sniffles, coughs, flu's & colds). Moses of the Old Testament used these aromatic oils to protect the Israelites from
the plague in ancient Egypt times AND Notorious group of Thieves (hence Thieves soap) traders & perfumers were
protected from the Black Plague during the 15th century. 100% Organic Oils of Olive, Sunflower, Coconut & Shea, Tussah
Silk threads (Cruelty Free). Essential Oils of: Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lemon, Cinnamon, Clove & prized Frankincense  
5+ ounces
Perfect for toting around, we took our blended essential oils for our
5*Thieves Aromatherapy spray and blended it into our Organic
premium lotion base (Same lotion our 8 oz Hand/Body Lotion) for
extra smooth application and supple supply of great oils to nourish
your skin.  

Protection at your fingertips, our 5*Thieves Lotion can be
applied to your body anytime in need and easy to carry around in a
pocket book, travel or place in your car for easy application before
entering stores/shops.

Our 5*Thieves Blend is an ancient blend of Essential Oils derived from the roots,
plants, leaves of powerful plants that have been used historically since
Egyptian time to help fend off and protect oneself from curious germs that like
to cause unpleasant symptoms of colds and flu.
Pure Essential Oils of: Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Lemon, Clove & Frankincense
$7.50 each or 2 for $12.95