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Cindi's Sacred Garden Uses Organic, Fair Trade, Earth Kosher & The Highest Pure Grade Ingredients bringing you Premium & Pure Organic Body & Health Care to you in a good way.
Organic or Ethically Harvest Herbs in our Teas, Tinctures & Salves. We pour Fresh every week in small batches to ensure our commitment to bring you Quality, Vibrant & Freshness
to your daily skin care/ health care! ~Cindi Quay Owner & Traditional Herbalist of Cindi's Sacred Garden    
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***Our Elderberry Syrup is a traditional way to help those who will or are experiencing seasonal
allergies by early tree pollen by minimizing the effects while boosting your immune system to
stay strong and more tolerant of environmental allergies.**


A wonderful Syrup made with Certified Organic Herbs:  Elderberies & Flowers (Excellent Immune health), Hand
Harvested Echinacea Roots (Cold/Flu Immune care). Astragalus Root to help build up low immune systems
(adaptogen herb and highly known for those with auto-immune deficiencies), Boneset flowers to help fight
intermittent fevers & White Willow Bark for Flu aches and body pains,  Marshmallow Root (Anti-Inflammatory)
Licorice Root (Preventive & treatment of immune-response deficiency & sore throat care), Rose hips (Richest
source of Vitamin C)! And other fine warming spices. Perfect to ward of a cold when taken daily as a preventive,
or to shorten the life of colds/flu. We use Local Honey that is Naturally produced in Western North Carolina
without pesticides or antibiotics, our honey is unheated and unfiltered, leaving intact its amazing nutritional
composition. Citric Acid (nantural fruit source) as our preservative.
Must be kept refrigerated after opening, since we use no chemicals or alcohol to preserve.
This is freshly made
and in it's purest form
. Powerful medicine to keep handy during this cold season. Perfect for Elderly persons &
Children that are more then 1 years old.
Our Customers and personally ourselves, agree that their colds are shortened quickly when taken on the onset
of cold/fever 3-4 tablespoons daily, and as a Preventive (taken daily 1 tsp. Most find to ward off winter

Please refrigerate immediately when you receive your package. **Best used within 8 months.  

*******We now offer a larger bottle, 11.1 fluid ounces. This makes a perfect size
for a family of 3 for a preventive (1 tsp daily) or when the Cold/Flu arrives
unexpectedly at your home at 3 - 5 tablespoons daily for no more than 7 days.

REG PRICED 1 BOTTLE $10.50  (5.7 ounces, perfect for 1 person) or our Family size 11.7 ounce bottle for
Don't know how my family
would survive flu/cold season
without your Elderberry
Syrup! My young daughter
calls it "Candy" Josh, NC   
Your Choices
"Natures Natural Helper to restore"
Avena Sativa also known as Milky oats has a sweet flavor (the unripe seed) before the milk goes to providing
The actions of this restorative "Sweet Creme"/Nerve Food is to work with the Endocrine & Nervous systems,
helping a burned out internal system to bounce back into normalcy, both physically and emotionally.  We have
noted a remarkable action to assist those with severe stress, depression, anxiety, exhaustion that seems to host a
list of troubles on it's own: Lack of focus, irritability, fight or flight syndrome, stress, and trauma symptoms deeply
embedded into your entire force of life. Milky Oats is a long-term strengthening benefit for those who seek her relief!

Research also shows us that using Milky Oats Glyceritie is supportive to addiction recovery and adrenal depletion
caused by overuse of substances that push our energy around.

Our Milky Oat Tops have been harvested at the peak "milky stage" and immediately made into this medicine to
preserve the fresh healing medicine from this gift from Nature. Organically raised and hand picked, no machines!
After the gathering, we hand macerate the milky oats to release all the sweet creme!   We use only Kosher Glycerine
to extract in a slow heat method watched very carefully. We then bottle the medicine.  Our Milky Oats Glyceritie has
a shelf life (keep in dry dark place) of up to 2 years. No refrigeration required.    

Ingredients: Hand harvested in Asheville, NC Milky Oat Tops (do  not confuse with dried oat tops, also known as Oatstraw)
Fresh Milk from the tops are extracted into Kosher Glycerine (No Alcohol) and packaged into 2 oz or 4 oz Glass bottles with
glass dropper for easy dispensing.

Directions on usage:

2 oz Bottles:  5 to 7 full daily, dropperful's (40 drops or 1/4 teaspoon) taken in intervals during initial starting stage or as
needed. This is very safe to use as often as needed, we are suggesting a normal standard rate. About a 30 day supply, when
taken daily. Take directly into mouth and swallow or add to a small glass of water.   

4 oz Bottle: You can follow the directions for a 2 oz bottle, just use only 1/2 of a full dropperful's since the dropper holds
more than a 2 ounces bottle's dropper, or measure out 1/4 teaspoon 5-7 times a day. About a 60 day supply, when taken daily.
Take directly into mouth and swallow or add to a small glass of water.   


2 oz Bottle = 2.3 ounces  $17.88 each (about 40 servings)

4 oz Bottle = 5.3 ounces  $33.00 each (about 80 servings)
Non-Alcohol Version, Glycerite. Order here
2017 Batch is ready! We also included in the
infusion, Lemon Balm & Skullcap herb for
extra soothing, calming relief! Excellent for
younger people.   
Brandy Tincture Milky Oats, more potent, use less and
easier for those gluten intolerant. Order Here.

*Update* In New Package Tall Silver Bullet Bottle along with skin safe & proper emollient to
blend water with oils helping to not clog the sprayer!! We had troubles with our last bottles
and have updated bottle and formula to stop clogging of sprayer, Yes!

Our 5*Thieves Blend is an ancient blend of Essential Oils derived from the roots, plants,
leaves of powerful plants that have been used historically since Egyptian time to help fend off
and protect oneself from curious germs that like to cause unpleasant symptoms of colds and

*Spray Bedding & Rooms
*Shopping Carts
*Room areas
*gently walk through a mist spray or two for personal protection
*door knobs, counter tops...

Pure Essential Oils of: Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Lemon, Clove & Frankincense are blended
into Distilled water and a natural fixative
Cyclomethicone (Skin Safe Fragrance binder that allows clear
sprays without clogging the fine mister) No need to shake bottle, Just Spritz when needed!

4 ounces, Silver Brushed Bottle with sprayer

$12.99 each


Organic Turmeric Powerhouse Powder
Our very simple way of adding into our daily lives the most needed
Powerful Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, adaptogens  to support
good immune health and for deep healthy vitality of life.
Welcome our blend of Organic Turmeric with the perfect compliment
of Organic Black Pepper to deliver much need help with an inflamed
body. We boost our blend to also help support your immune system
and easy digestion of Turmeric.
By adding 1 tsp daily to a healthy smoothie, juice or supplement you
can start to enjoy more free movement of your body while taking
care of your immune system too!
This blend also makes a perfect Golden Milk for children to enjoy.
NOW IN 3.5 oz (tall tin held 2.4 oz)

Perfectly blended to ensure your intake of Turmeric is properly taken
with Organic Black Pepper
*Ashwahaganda * Adoptagen/Immune Supporter
*Cardamon & Cinnamon for flavor & easy digestion.

Back in Seasonal Stock! INTRO PRICED

Itch B Gone Organic Spray & Soap!

May is the month when Poisonous plants tend to be within our bodies close proximity and
when we need help to remove the Urushoil oils that those plants leave on our skin, creating
life's uncomfortable moments with itching, swelling and the spreading of these rashes.

Or Plant Solution? Jewelweed extracted to it's full potential and put into a Spray for easy to
apply Before, During or after being in contact with Poisonous Plants.
Jewelweed is natures remedy!

Research shows that by apply Jewelweed before entering a hike in a wooded area, heading
into a fresh garden that needs weeding, or working in the yard can help protect your skin from
attracting the Urushoil oil from poisonous plants, and afterwards, washing with our Itch B
Gone spray the areas of skin exposed can help ward off that Urushoil oil from the plant to
make life a little uncomfortable.

We also found that if you are unaware and see the rash appear and the need to itch, by
simpling spraying the area, calms the need to itch (hence spreading the poison rash to other
areas of the body), and speeds the healing time.   

Our plant solution? Jewelweed extracted to it's full potential and put into a Spray for easy to
apply Before, During or after being in contact with Poisonous Plants.
Jewelweed is natures remedy!
2.7 fluid ounces

BOTH Itch B Gone Spray & Itch B Gone Herbal Soap

* Cut your soap into quarters
*Use only one quarter when needed
*Easy to pack and take camping, hiking or traveling with you, AND safe for our Rivers, Lakes,
Streams & Water tables!