Cindi's Sacred Garden Uses Organic, Fair Trade, Earth Kosher & The Highest Pure Grade Ingredients bringing you Premium & Pure Organic Body & Health Care to you in a good way.
Organic or Ethically Harvest Herbs in our Teas, Tinctures & Salves. We pour Fresh every week in small batches to ensure our commitment to bring you Quality, Vibrant & Freshness
to your daily skin care/ health care! ~Cindi Quay Owner & Traditional Herbalist of Cindi's Sacred Garden    
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Our 100% Organic Salves have been made for many centuries and are made to help target specific conditions.
source..Native Plants & their Medicines.  The more ingredients in a salve purchased at local stores or online, the less
chance for the target healing to take place, not to mention the chemicals present in those salves.

~ We use only 100% Certified Organic Virgin Olive Oil as our Main Base Ingredient which is extremely moisturizing with
bonus natural Vitamin E & K,  Polyphenols (anti-inflammatory),  Squalene (protected layer to skin) & is RICH in

~Our Herbs are Certified 100% Organic with High "Green & Eco" friendly, and Traditionally Harvested in a Sacred Manner
by Cindi & family.  

~Essential Oils are of Purest Grade and/or Organic and are Phthalate Free/ for more info read here:

Our Organic Salves are poured freshly and in small batches to ensure Excellent Quality and long lasting shelf life. Please
keep your salves in a cooler environment and out of the sun or moist heat (such as in the bathroom cabinet).

~Our Salves contain NO: Petroleum products,  Chemicals,  Harsh Preservatives, Fragrances,  Alcohol & NO GMO's!!

We support & encourage: Native American Agricultural Practices, Organic Agriculture,
Organic Farmers, Sustainability Projects & Organic Education!!

* The following below statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These
products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

**We added Magnesium Flakes into our base for Extra soothing pain relief!
Bare feet are heading into socks and shoes..Soothing relief for the change to our tootsies and backs
up to work on daily leg cramps too!

So soothing while applying, glides beautifully over feet, soles & ankles.
Our Recovery Balm is packed with Nutrient Rich 100% Organic Shea Butter which helps relieve dry skin, soften and
heal cracking skin, soften callouses on feet especially the heel area and absorbs easily, 100% Organic Virgin Coconut
Oil which facilitates treating feet skin problems such as athletes feet and super moisturises, 100% Organic Sunflower
Oil penetrates Dry, Cracked, infected or damaged skin on the feet & imparts Omega Rich fatty acids.  Double infused
with Organic Herbs & Essential oils of: Juniper Berry helps reduce swelling especially in the ankles/feet and is safe for
pregnant women, Comfrey Root soothes pain in tender, inflamed areas, Witch Hazel Bark acts as a toning astringent,
Organic Rosemary & Lavender gently provides antibacterial agent with a calming after effect. We add in Organic Tea
Tree Essential Oil to help battle any infections & Peppermint to cool burning tired feet.  Our Foot Recovery Balm
Creates a beautiful melody for a strong foot tonic!

Using our Daily Facial Toner also encourages healthy feet! Our Massage Therapist like to clean their clients feet with
our Daily Toner before a Reflexology session!! We totally agree!!!

An Excellent product for Reflexolgists, bring one to your next appoitment..get the doctoring!
2 Solid ounces
Reg priced $8.99

100% Organic
*ARNICA MONTANA Deep Tissue Salve:  
Arnica Montana is used topically for a wide range of conditions, including bruises, sprains, muscle aches, wound healing, ,
joint pain, inflammation from insect bites, and swelling from broken bones.  
We Double Infuse Organic
Arnica Montana for the extreme effectiveness, Organic Skullcap for its calming effect on the
nerves, and Hand Harvested
White Willow Bark for good topical pain relief. Organic Lavender flowers touch this salve
with a sense of calm to the body. This formula melts into your skin as you relax penetrating sore muscles and allowing the
hands to glide easily to massage it in.
***We have found Great success to use on Dogs with Arthritis or Hip/bone/back problems. You can
gently massage the effected area, and is safe for dogs to lick off your fingers/or their bodies.
Our Testimonies:    "Tim", a sports coach and trainer, developed a deep pain in his left shoulder joint. The sports doctor said there was nothing he could do - SO I gave him a couple of
the deep tissue salve samples from Cindi. The next day he was back for more - all the time swinging his arm around in a great circle forward and sideways - demonstrating his complete
mobility WITHOUT PAIN.
FOLKS, this is not a miracle - IT IS BETTER - The salve is efficacious because Cindi's products are made from living things for living things. ~Jospeh Lull

**As a Certified Massage Therapist, I know how powerful of a healer this salve is for problem areas. I can go deep into the tissues with this salve and help the tissues relax. I use the 6
oz size faithfully!! Nee H., Acupuncture Healing Center of Denver, NC.

Poke Root Salve: Historically used for the Lymphatic System.
Lymphatic massage using Poke root salve has been used traditionally as Native and Folk medicine
to be applied externally only on lymph glands, lumps, bumps, growths and tumors and troubled

Swollen Glands such as throat area, Breast area lymph gland cleansing, Troublesome Cysts and
more. Massage Therapists! This is a perfect salve when working with a lymph drainage massage.
Individuals: Cleansing the lymph system for healthy breasts. Perfect to use when switching off
Aluminum Based Deodorants to clear out clogged lymph systems. Swollen Glands at throat:
Massage on glands for soothing relief. We added powerhouse essential oils of: Lavender, Sweet
Fennel, Grapefruit, Lemon & Rosemary.

Hand harvested Poke Roots dug in the fall from NC Mountains  are infused with Organic Olive Oil
for the time element to draw out the properties. Strained and then made into a salve base with
added Organic Coconut Oil to add nice glide in massaging and our own infused #6 Bergamot Oil.
Beeswax is added to solidify our liquid base, Essential Oils of Lavender, Sweet Fennel, Pink
Grapefruit, Lemon 5x & Rosemary add to the powerhouse.  
Comfrey-Goldenseal Salve:  Cindi's 7th Generation Comfrey Roots & Organic Goldenseal Roots are slowly infused in
Pure 100% Organic Virgin Olive Oil for soothing severe rashes including Psorasis & Eczema (use this salve with
Psoriasis/Eczema Salve alternatively for more success) burns, skin rashes, wounds, ulcers, cracked nipples, cracked hard
skin, diaper rashes and much more! Excellent when used on early signs of Poison rashes & hands that are in the soil!!! This
is a Traditional Native American Salve used for centuries for external healing. Excellent Salve for Children, can be used on
Dogs & horses for skin troubles/sores/rashes.

I'm a new nursing Mom and found this salve to give me such relief without concern to my baby. I used the salve in-between feedings to help
heal my soreness.
April S. NC

As an avid outdoors person I am always in need of a good healing salve for my skin pack at all times. Small & Compact, easy to carry!!  
Several times I had to help out my friends in need on trails. Keep making this one please!
Steve, TX
I'm a new nursing Mom and found this salve to give me such relief without
concern to my baby. I used the salve in-between feedings to help heal my
April S. NC

As an avid outdoors person I am always in need of a good healing salve for
my skin pack at all times. Small & Compact, easy to carry!!  Several times I
had to help out my friends in need on trails. Keep making this one please!
Steve, TX
Psoriasis/Eczema Salve:
This anti-inflammatory salve is specifically designed to Repair, Nourish & Moisturize Psoriasis and Eczema Rashes helping ease
itching, inflammation & redness Insect Bites, Poison Ivy/Oak/Sumac.  Use daily for best results. We Recommend that if you have
severe Psoriasis/Eczema alternate with Comfrey Goldenseal seal for optimal results.  Use several times daily, at night cover area
with salve and if possible cotton type material for deeper penetration of injured skin tissues
We use only 100% Organic Virgin Olive Oil. Organic herbs/roots of: Plantain leaves, Goldenseal Root, Dandelion Roots,
Chickweed, Red Clover, willow Bark, Burdock Root & St. John's Wort flowers, & Beeswax.

more damage then healing, that's when I found you! I have been using this salve along with the
Comfrey/ Goldenseal Salve and have found relief from the itching, swelling painful areas.
never had this disease. I will continue to use this salve and I know it will be very
successful!  Joan, IL

We look at this salve during the cold winter months to use on our toes, feet and skin that is so dry it's easy to wound the skin by
scratching it.  Excellent for outdoor enthusiasts! This salve is perfect for camping, hiking, gardening, children & babies
boo-boo's, dog wounds (on the dog themselves), you name it!!  This is a Complete Medicine Cabinet in a tin!  We use this salve
to work on infections from insect bites, wounds, fungal treatments/feet, blisters, sores (especially diabetic sores)!! This IS the
SALVE to have year round! Seriously, a must for everyone, any time of the year!

We use 100% Virgin Olive Oil infused with Cindi's harvest White Willow Bark for topical relief, Organic Tea Tree Oil and natural
beeswax. You can smell the Tea Tree in our salve!!

Our 1 ounce sampler size is GREAT for Traveling, Hiking, Camping or gifting. Perfect for your Pocketbook or Backpack.


We gathered carefully after the morning dew our lovely Organic Calendula from our gardens
during the warm summer months, along with Plantain leaves & gentle Mullein Flowers, we then
slowly infused this healing oil to bring forth a beautiful gentle non-essential oil herbal salve for
your skin.

Skin to Bone Salve is our Heal All Salve, the healing properties of Calendula helps to speed up
skin cell replacement during time of skin troubles, from minor rashes, burns (including
radiation), to skin infections, sores, chafed skin, scars, bottom baby helper and supreme after
surgery healing.

This one salve can provide many different application ideas to help easily speed up skin recovery.

Adding in our hand harvested Plantain leaves & freshly picked Mullein flowers helps to keep the
skin soft and adds a deeper level of faster relief.
Infused in Organic Virgin Olive Oil and beeswax to make it a true salve.

Now available in 1, 2 & 4 oz sizes
We sent this healing salve out to
Sacred Stone Camp/Red
Warrior Camp in support of the
No Dakota Access pipeline. The
Water Protectors are out in the
open elements of heat, wind
and cold. This Salve is perfect to
have on hand for any extreme
situation as it can be used on
any area of the body, for gentle
but effective skin help and care.  
Chaga Herbal Skin Salve * Traditional Medicine
Made with Ethically harvested Chaga Mushroom (inonotus obliquus)

Chaga Mushroom ~ a fungus that grows on Birch Trees in the North, not an actual mushroom~ has been used as a Traditional Medicine by
Native Americans to current and going back to ancient times of the Indigenous people of Siberia, Russia, Asia and other countries as a way
to prevent disease, help a chronic condition and encourage long life.   Our Chaga has been Ethically Harvested in the Traditional Native
Way, with respect to the Tree that this fungus grows upon, to the harvesting ways. Chaga takes time to find, as the actual fungus takes
more than 3-5 years to develop out of the heartwood of the Birch or White Oak Trees and up to 20 years to actual harvest of the Chaga.

*Chaga is supremely healthy for the skin as a medicinal  skin salve, the active ingredients when infused correctly through a long period,
produces Anti-Inflammatory actions as well as anti-aging, along with high amounts of Beta Glucan's that help restore damaged skin cells
from Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis, and other troubling skin rashes and potential sun damaged growths.

*As an Anti-inflammatory, we have found great relief of pain from tight muscles, tension, & chronic painful areas, including: swollen
fingers, hands, neck area, shoulders, upper back, lower back, tension in hips and legs. We are not only impressed but feel this is our
newest medicine to quickly effect areas that are in pain from general stress to our bodies (whereas our Arnica works deeply on deeply
broken muscle/tissues).  Those with Lupus have found this Salve to be a treasure!   

*High amounts of Beta Glucan brings forth that quick and speedy skin cell recovery from severe skin conditions to lightly affected areas on
the skin

*We use Organic Olive Oil to infuse our Chaga in a slow long process, and though it provides help with anti-aging, we recommend if you
are using this salve on your face, to only apply in thin amounts, try it on skin spots and troubled areas, olive oil is a heavy oil, perfect for
this long infusion but may clog pores close to the nose, under the eyes (cheekbone areas). We encourage you to try it though..

Our Salve is easy to massage into the skin and easily sinks into the areas needed. Try it as a Massage into painful areas..near instant relief!

*Organic Virgin Olive Oil, Chaga, White Willow Bark, Comfrey root & Calendula petals, Beeswax.

**Testimonies are coming in from those who are using this Salve on Psoriasis rashes and other skin rash breakouts, We are hearing EXCELLENT
Results! Another note is using this salve on Sun Spots and seeing increased improvements with smaller spots and less raised skin on the spot. We are
Excited this Salve is working it's wonderful healing skin medicine!  

GOLDENROD OIL: Super Concentrated:

Our Goldenrod Oil has been infused in Organic Olive Oil for 6 weeks to pull out the important properties to
be of help and aid to you. Harvested by Cindi & family in the WNC Mountains, at the peak of it's beauty &
potency. Used as a powerful alley as a Anti-inflammatory Oil. Good for the circulatory system as it promotes
proper functioning of the circulatory system.

Benefits include:

* Has been shown to improve circulation, known for  anti-inflammatory & antiseptic. Our customers with
Ankle injuries, or surgeries find this oil to be very beneficial for after care and maintenance.  

*Great massage relief for muscle cramps, sprains, sore muscles, powerful on sore neck muscles, uterine
cramping & Chest colds.

*Treats all sorts of skin infections, eczema, psoriasis, acne, sores, scabs, dermatitis & wounds.
*Very beneficial in promoting restful sleep, calming & soothing to mind, relieves stress, anxiety &

**Aroma is reminiscent of fresh, balsamic, peppery notes, which make it a relaxing oil.

Packaged in a 2 oz amber glass bottle with dropper for easy dispensing into hands for deeper penetration
massage. A little amount is all that's needed!

Regular priced at $8.50 each